Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maribago... Way of Fun!

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Do you know what are some pros of being a blogger? getting chances to be invited in many events and get to enjoy the benefits and services for free!! yes, you read it right! for free!! Just like getting a chance to experience "Sunday by the beach" at Maribago Bluewater Resort & Spa. Pinoyworld invited all bloggers in the Philippines to enjoy the service and amenities but of course you will need to create a prepost about the resort. Every weekend ( Sunday), there will be 5 bloggers who will have the free chance to experience the fun the maribago way from October 25 until the fourth sunday of November . We were the lucky first 10 bloggers to join since November 1 was cancelled (its a holiday) and what makes it more exciting is that we are all from CBS.We all thank for the opportunity to Mr. Ruben Licera of pinoyworld for the invites. The group met at Jollibee Highway,Mandaue and when everyone's complete, we headed to the resort riding a taxicab. When we arrived, there were a lot of changes since the last time we visited the resort last May when we also had a free day tour for CBS. The front desk staff are as usual, welcomed us warmly. At first, we are quite doubtful what to do when we arrived but since there was no instruction given its only that we will be enjoying the beach, pool, and they will give us a towel and of course, free lunch buffet!! nyahmm..

Enjoying the pool....

In the resort, the security is also indeed tight and secured. We did not immediately get the chance to soak in the pool because the security officer had to interrogate us with questions and so we need to call sir Ruben and the FD staff Ms.Noreen for the security officer to give us go and ok signal to use the pool. It was quite a hassle at first but everything went fine. Everybody is already enjoying the refreshing water and camwhoring...Swimming in a very large and spacious pool is indeed enjoyable. We took a break @ 11:30 for lunchtime!

Since it was sunday, the resort had their picnic lunch by th beach. We were all hungry at that time so upon seeing the food especially the grilled food, we were already salivating to eat. Guess who were the first group to eat? hehe.. of course its the ten of us. We were the first group to savor those mouthwatering meals and got to enjoy the "create your own" halo-halo in a buko shell.

After the meal, we had several activities and of course which are not iniatiated by the resort's staff but the group itself. We roamed for few minutes in the beach then went back to the pool and there we really enjoyed a lot. We created the pool as playground. Playing different games in the water like ..race in the water,merry-go-round,few exhibitions and especially enjoyed watching a baby of a foreign couple whom at age of 1 year and 6 months,already knew how to swim. Imagine that? and he was indeed adorable like you wanna pinch his cute pinkish face.We also had videos of different scenes and topics especially a message for the next batch..goodluck and enjoy guys! We also had our own pictorial or headshot in the beach.

We call it a day @ 5pm past since we are only allowed until 5:00 pm. We were really exhausted and I would say that was one of the most enjoyable trip with the CBS because all we did were activities that created a positive experience that if you will ask each one of us if how are we enjoying? All of us would surely say "Super, Duper Enjoy"!.

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