The City of Cebu is the capital city of Cebu and the second city in the Philippines, the second most significant metropolitan centre in the Philippines and known as the oldest city established by the Spaniards in the country.

The city is located on the eastern shore of Cebu and was the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. Cebu is the Philippines' main domestic shipping port and is home to about 80% of the country's domestic shipping companies. Cebu also holds the second largest international flights in the Philippines and is a significant centre of commerce, trade and industry in the Visayas and Mindanao region. According to the 2007 Philippine census, the city has a population of about 798,809 people.

Cebu City is the centre of a metropolitan area called Metro Cebu, which includes the cities of Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu and Talisay. Metro Cebu has a total population of about 2 million people. The Mactan-Cebu International Airport, located in Lapu-Lapu City is only a twenty-minute drive away from Cebu City. To the northeast of the city are Mandaue City and the town of Consolacion, to the west are Toledo City, the towns of Balamban and Asturias, to the south are Talisay City and the town of Minglanilla. Across Mactan Strait to the east is Mactan Island where Lapu-Lapu City and an aquarium attraction are located.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mr. Cebu 2009 Winners

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MR. CEBU 2009

First Runner-up

Second Runner-up

Third Runner-up

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Sunday, November 22, 2009


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At SM Food court Cebu
Company of Cebu Bloggers Society

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Brasco Pizza & Pasta - A Delightful Treat

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Last November 11, I had the chance to enjoy one of my favorite meals... Pizza!!!, when Brasco's management invited the CBS to taste their delightful menu. We were gladly welcomed by the owners themselves (siblings,Ingrid & Brian).

Where does the name Brasco originated?

We were curious at first where does the name Brasco come from, so we asked Ingrid and Brian about it . They said it was named from "BRian's ASpirations Co."; so just a sort of created name that seem to sound Italian as well. Isnt it? Their family has been known for food business like My Joy (Mc Joy before like we used to call it) and also the Butterbean. Brian said he used to be a pizza lover so he and her sisters made a research and collaborations to come up with good ideas for their new business like the recipes of pizzas,pastas&desserts etc... and most of their ingredients are imported from other countries.

The Environment or Facade

Well if you go to the "The Gallery", one of the first stores that will surely catch your eyes is the Brasco. Why? you will see its difference from other stores in terms of the their nice tables with a touch of Filipino style, the brightness of their sorroundings cause by good choice of its colors that's really relaxing to the eyes. So if you would like to have a quality time with your family, barkada or company mates, Its the best place to be because they can also accommodate group diners and they also cater parties if you want to for up to 70 people.

Yummy Pizza
(Brasco Pizza)

Delectable Pastas
(Meaty Spaghetti with Pepperoni)

( Pasta with Tomatoes (tomato sauce) and Aligue (crab roe) )

The Thirst Quenching Shakes
( Mango Shake and Four Seasons Shake)

The Enticing Dessert
( Crazy Bliss )

Ingrid served us first their truly thirst quenching shakes,we had mango shake and four seasons(combination of four different fruits) .We truly love how refreshing it was and its not too sweet so we really love sipping it compared to other shakes we've tried. Then we were served with a pasta namely "Meaty Spaghetti with Pepperoni" (pasta with tomato sauce and pepperoni) then next was their very own "Brasco Pizza" (tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, bacon, ham, pepperoni, sausage & meatballs). We were really enjoying so much the pizza that we forgot how many pieces we've eaten.Their pizzas comes in different flavors and sizes (10'' to 20"). We had the 14" but we were surely satisfied and full. The last meal they served was the "Pasta with tomatoes and Aligue". the group seem to really love the pasta with the crab roe saying its addictive.Then we were served with a very declicious! yes! i mean it..."Crazy Bliss" made from buttebean brownies with homemade vanilla ice cream",only form Brasco. . I was really enticed by the taste- the combination of hot brownie with cold vanilla cream.m mm...yummy..hehe...I I would compare it their prizes to other pizza stores, I would say Brasco has more reasonable rate of price on their meals because they are also particular with the quality and you would say that its worth the money you will be paying for it.

(CBS peeps - Blair, Sinjin , Agnes, Atty. Ouano & Zyra)

So what are you waiting for? especially for those pizza & pasta lovers!, dine in at "Brasco Pizza and Pasta" @ The Gallery located at San Jose dela Montana / Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo Cebu City, In front of San Carlos Seminary and IPI. they also accept deliveries, just call 505-7924 or 511-4018

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mr. Cebu 2009

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Fifteen Men, One Title. Who will be the next Mr. Cebu?

BCB Productions presents:

Mr. Cebu 2009!
November 28, 2009, 8:00 PM
Pacific Grand Ballroom,
Waterfront Hotel and Casino,
Lahug Cebu City.

Get your tickets now at Club Ultima @ 418.7777 ext. 1903.

Ticket Prices:
P1,000 and P700 (reserved seating)
P500 and P300 (free seating).

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Satin Eclipse " the darkness is rising "

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CBS once again graced the event with one of its partner' CANE EVENTS to this year's another cosplay, fashion show and photo exhibit event titled ..Satin Eclipse...the Darkness is Rising... It was another anticipated cosplay contest for those anime or manga characters fanatics and the like. The event also features the photos of the talented photographers of Cebu and finally a special fashion show featuring the lovely creations of those promising designs of JPNY Couture with ABS-CBN Cebu's personalities as their models.We again enjoyed the effective portrayal of different manga characters. It just shows how our young ones love to watch Mangas and play online game.

Here are the different categories for the cosplay event:

1.Male Cosplay
2.Female Cosplay
3.Kid Cosplay
4.Group Cosplay

Its fun to see how creatively present themselves to convince the audience especially the judges that they deserve to be called as certified cosplayers with their colorful customes and the way they copied the mannerisms of the character they're playing. I'm not familiar for those who won the individual categories only the group whom really showed a good teamwork on their presentation and that is the "Shinobi Group" who portrayed characters from the well known Manga - Naruto. There were also individual choices like the Cane Events' Choice, Photographers' Choice, ABS-CBN's Choice and the CBS' Choice of cosplayer whom for our group we choose the one who portrayed the character of "Gaara" from Shinobi group.

(photo credits: Doyzkie, Mikyu & Jose)

We were able to see as well the photos taken by the Cebuano photographers and you can really see the big potentials of the talents our dedicated photographers are showing in the photos as you closely check it. The facial expressions of the models are well taken.

The last presentation of the event is the fashion show featuring the designs with black theme of JPNY Couture, one of the sponsors of the event. It showcases different sexy gowns with all colored black that has a halloween touch in it. The one who modelled the dresses are the ABS-CBN Cebu personalities like Sheda,Kat of Kapamilya Winner Ka,,Kara of TV Patrol and those whom I'm not so familiar with..hehe.. The event started around 1 pm and ended @ 6:00 pm or so. We went home after the event and of course before I forget,we never miss the camwhoring that CBS is known for. hehe...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"In memory of the late Rosita"

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Ghost stories are one of the most undying favorite topics especially during Halloween. It would vary how scary though. I don't easily believe in ghosts not until i experienced it in our own house.

The incident occurred in our residence @ Labogon,Mandaue City, Cebu around 6:00 pm

It was dinner time and as usual,its also the time where we can also have discussion with my family. At that time, only me, my auntie and my wife left in the house. my grandmother left us unexpectedly without saying goodbye cause by a sudden hypertension attack which she never had history of and I was really hurt and did not accept her death at first. Lola used to be the cook and the one who took care of me so I really missed her the way he arrange my stuff in the room. Those were the first dinners without her and not the food she cook.

We were talking at that time about her,her sudden death and the way we missed her until suddenly we noticed a strange sound in the table. We were observing the place and noticed that it was the "pitcher lid" contained with ice tea. We were shocked how did it moved without touching it. tik,tik,tik, continues to produce the strange sound and it moves on its own. We were scared at first but it was maybe "lola" who just wanted to let us know shes still inside the house with us or is it a message to us especially to me "to move on and let go". I never hesitated to took a video of what happen to prove that the lid really moves.

After few hours @ exactly....9:30 PM on the same house and the same day

My auntie placed a plate of pastry on the table for us to eat for a midnight snacks because normally we sleep late watching television. She placed it on the center table and went outside but when she get back, she noticed that the plate is empty and to think that nobody was there so she went outside and asked me if I touched it . I surely didn't and we did not know either how did it happen. So she went back to the kitchen to check and to her surprise, she saw that the pastry is in the plate again untouched. Was she was daydreaming earlier? or is somebody playing jokes with us again? We ignored it again and thinking maybe Lola was just reminding us to visit her every Monday of the week.

But @ 2:00 am several hours after that last incident ........

I usually stay late because of my hobby of drawing anything that interest me like faces of my favorite celebrities, manga characters or images of my friends or families.I was sorting our family album to see who will I draw next. I was entertained looking the old pictures of my grandmother's old pictures when was young. i saw a beautiful candid picture of her who looks like her perfect portrait and I bet it was her favorite as well. So I decided to draw it as one of my personal collections. I was concentrated in drafting her image until I felt something different around me. I was sitting in tiled ( white tiles) table in our old sari-sari store. I placed my art materials like the paper,pencil and the blade as sharpener. I keep on staring her pictures familiarizing the details of her face. It seems that she was like talking to me through her eyes. She seem to look realistic.The air seems to be colder than normal and to think I was in a closed room that time. I felt someone is standing at my back watching me closely so I look at on that direction but i cant see no one. When I went back to my work, I noticed that the blade which I used as sharpener was gone so I searched for it but in a blink of an eye,as I check on it at the back of her picture, there I saw the blade. I was suddenly feeling uneasy but continued to draw. I keep myself focus on sketching until I noticed a tear drop on the paper. I realized it was me who was crying. Why? the last time I cried was when i knew she died and did not accept it too soon. I don't understand why but I did not notice how hard I did cry not until I noticed like I can hardly breath and someone is already hugging me. It was my wife and my auntie who noticed how much noise I produced upon crying. I cried so hard that I never imagined in my life that i was that hurt. I felt her and I'm sure she touched me.I may not saw her but I'm sure she hugged me that time to let me know that she will always be there no matter what. Since then, we can always hear her, from the clinging of the kitchen utensils like she was cooking and the feeling like she was sleeping in her favorite couch every afternoon and in the room where she used to clean and keep things. We were already use to it because she never had the chance to say goodbye because of her sudden death. That is why my auntie used to visit her and my lolo's grave every Monday to say our prayers to let them rest in peace.

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