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Brasco Pizza & Pasta - A Delightful Treat

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Last November 11, I had the chance to enjoy one of my favorite meals... Pizza!!!, when Brasco's management invited the CBS to taste their delightful menu. We were gladly welcomed by the owners themselves (siblings,Ingrid & Brian).

Where does the name Brasco originated?

We were curious at first where does the name Brasco come from, so we asked Ingrid and Brian about it . They said it was named from "BRian's ASpirations Co."; so just a sort of created name that seem to sound Italian as well. Isnt it? Their family has been known for food business like My Joy (Mc Joy before like we used to call it) and also the Butterbean. Brian said he used to be a pizza lover so he and her sisters made a research and collaborations to come up with good ideas for their new business like the recipes of pizzas,pastas&desserts etc... and most of their ingredients are imported from other countries.

The Environment or Facade

Well if you go to the "The Gallery", one of the first stores that will surely catch your eyes is the Brasco. Why? you will see its difference from other stores in terms of the their nice tables with a touch of Filipino style, the brightness of their sorroundings cause by good choice of its colors that's really relaxing to the eyes. So if you would like to have a quality time with your family, barkada or company mates, Its the best place to be because they can also accommodate group diners and they also cater parties if you want to for up to 70 people.

Yummy Pizza
(Brasco Pizza)

Delectable Pastas
(Meaty Spaghetti with Pepperoni)

( Pasta with Tomatoes (tomato sauce) and Aligue (crab roe) )

The Thirst Quenching Shakes
( Mango Shake and Four Seasons Shake)

The Enticing Dessert
( Crazy Bliss )

Ingrid served us first their truly thirst quenching shakes,we had mango shake and four seasons(combination of four different fruits) .We truly love how refreshing it was and its not too sweet so we really love sipping it compared to other shakes we've tried. Then we were served with a pasta namely "Meaty Spaghetti with Pepperoni" (pasta with tomato sauce and pepperoni) then next was their very own "Brasco Pizza" (tomato sauce, mozarella cheese, bacon, ham, pepperoni, sausage & meatballs). We were really enjoying so much the pizza that we forgot how many pieces we've eaten.Their pizzas comes in different flavors and sizes (10'' to 20"). We had the 14" but we were surely satisfied and full. The last meal they served was the "Pasta with tomatoes and Aligue". the group seem to really love the pasta with the crab roe saying its addictive.Then we were served with a very declicious! yes! i mean it..."Crazy Bliss" made from buttebean brownies with homemade vanilla ice cream",only form Brasco. . I was really enticed by the taste- the combination of hot brownie with cold vanilla cream.m mm...yummy..hehe...I I would compare it their prizes to other pizza stores, I would say Brasco has more reasonable rate of price on their meals because they are also particular with the quality and you would say that its worth the money you will be paying for it.

(CBS peeps - Blair, Sinjin , Agnes, Atty. Ouano & Zyra)

So what are you waiting for? especially for those pizza & pasta lovers!, dine in at "Brasco Pizza and Pasta" @ The Gallery located at San Jose dela Montana / Juan Luna Ave., Mabolo Cebu City, In front of San Carlos Seminary and IPI. they also accept deliveries, just call 505-7924 or 511-4018

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