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Fire Prevention Month 2010

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Summer is approaching we feel the hot temperature and the dry surroundings and we all aware that the month of March is the fire prevention month.
Well let me discuss you a little tidbits tip about Fire Prevention, first we should know the composition of a fire.

Composition of Fire: Its a Chemical reaction  of the combination of the three substances that we called  


What is triangle of fire? Triangle of is the substances that can create fire

The Triangle of are

Heat, Oxygen and Fuel

lets make it simple imagine  if you have three of these ( paper, lighter and air ) ignite the paper using the lighter, blow some air to the paper and BoOm you have a fire in your house ^^,
but don't worry If one of them is missing there will be no fire created.

I'd Like to share some tips on how to put fire at ease, when you see a fire burning your house please don't panic just calm down and think.

First: Call to your nearest Fire Station for help. While waiting see if the fire can be controlled  by you and your neighbor if the fire is bigger keep away from it, as soon as possible leave the area.

Other case if you see fire coming from your stove please don't put water on it you just making it big.

Things to do

Don't panic just calm down and think straight
Call to your nearest Fire Station
If you think its not to big and you can handle it just turn off all your device, cover the stove with wet cloths so that the oxygen will be remove i think?  LOL.

How to cover the stove:
Put the wet cloths over the stove and that's it.

Well that is just a TidBitz tip, but still if you see a fire burning your house please don't forget to call to the Fire Station for help.

And the most and effective way how to get rid of Fire is to prevent it, check your kitchen if there is an open tank and close it, turn of all the light and be sure there no plugins left when you leave the house and keep your children away from ignition materials such as match, candles and fireworks before its to late.

Thank you for reading

if you want to know about first aid and how to do it just visit CEVSAR

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