Tuesday, May 4, 2010

World Bloggers Day

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Blogging has created a lot of changes not only in online community but also the "outside world" may it  because of how online marketing has been very effective in business or its because your blog can be considered as well an area of democracy through articles,videos,photo-shopped pics,etc.. to express whatever positive or negative thoughts or grievances. That is why many Filipinos unlike before learn to love blogging.

How would you imagine bloggers will be meeting each other even at one time? well, we do through online but how about to personally meet as well?
well, we already did..lelz...as we gathered one day in World Bloggers Day 2010 initiated by Parkmall and Cebu Bloggers' Society.It was the blogger's day as we say and dedicated to all the bloggers in the world. What's exciting is that its the Cebuano bloggers who coined the said event held @ Parkmall.

It was indeed a fun day for us to meet and see all other bloggers not only from Cebu who proudly promotes the province through  different experiences. Since it was an online/offline celebration,those who were not able to attend especially the ones from Luzon and Mindanao, they were given updates online and we were able to meet or get to know them through an online presentation they sent.

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