Thursday, February 17, 2011

CBS: Soaring high on its 3rd Anniversary

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CBS, the pioneering community for cebuano bloggers now on its 3rd year and still standing strong.  It still stand to its aim to promote Cebu heritage, blogged anything on what it has to offer to the world and with a strong bond of dedicated and innovative Cebuano bloggers that shared an aim for Cebu. Needless to say, we are bloggers of different genres or interest to write but we are always proud of our roots and organization. Online networking can be known as sensation of what any kind to promote for so as the influence of bloggers who wrote them that we CBS proudly tops them all. It started as a group of few bloggers that created a group of bloggers' friends/ clique,created a buzz and then it became a formal sectarian or registered organization that reaches out to different civic and private institutions that made the group renowned and distiguished not only for non-profit online marketing but also in terms of social services such as outreach programs,gift giving, educational seminars and the like. It enhaces not only the potential of CBS members who participated the  events but also for those needs to get aid and novice to learn something. No wonder a lot of cebuano bloggers who seem to be just hiding on their screen names online are  getting interested to join the group and we became dominating and powerful voice. We're just in our third year and we have more lot to say for the coming years so lets all keep pushing the bounderies of learning and discovery for Cebu Bloggers Society to go beyond...Cheers to another year of blogging! 

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