Thursday, December 3, 2009

PLDT Watch Pad

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Want to enjoy your favorite movie while surfing? or how about watching the latest news and TV programs and channels while online? Is it possible? Oh yes! with PLDT My DSL's latest innovation of broadband service like no other - PLDT my DSL Watchpad. This latest innovation is available to all PLDT my DSL subscribers. All you need is a PLDT DSL connection and you may enjoy the new service from your favorite internet provider for free.This new service created to make sure that every family member will surely enjoy the Watchpad experience.

Few CBS members got the free chance to experience as "press/media" how the new value added service from PLDT works through a live demo from the marketing head of PLDT. The Press Conference was held in Marcelo Fernan Press Center last Nov. 27,2009 that started @ 5:00 PM. A cocktail was prepared prior to the main event which is the exclusive screening or red carpet premiere of the two of the most awarded Indie films in the country entitled "Engkwentro" directed by Pepe Diokno & "Kinatay" by Dante "Brilliantes" Mendoza . These 2 movies are well appreciated abroad by winning the major award for "Engkwentro" from Venice Film Festival 2009 and for "Kinatay" whom the director won as "Best Director" in Sigtes Film festival & Cannes festival 2009 (Brilliante Mendoza).The night also serve as the culmination of the successful campus tours and Watchpad workshops here in Cebu with a free screening of the Indie films including those from our home based Indie film makers like Ruel Antipuesto. We got to watch the films on Watchpad Movie Central, myFlicks.

With Watchpad, PLDT myDSL subscribers can watch their favorite movies,television shows and channels for free. They are currently airs Channels -MTV,CNN,Pinoy Box Office,GMA,CNBC,Animax, National Georgraphic,Cartoon Network,Crime & Investigation,History Channel,The Biography Channel,Go,E!, myView and the award winning indie films. So you don't need to subscribe where you have to pay to any cable company. you cal also update your facebook,friendster,twitter,plurk,Multiply and any social networking sites while watching shows on Watchpad. So be a PLDT myDSL subscriber now to enjoy this latest online innovation. To register for free or for more information, log on to and for those who are already subscribers, you may avail of this value added service and get your unique username and password by logging on to truly experience a reliable landline and internet service connection with a plus!

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Jaja on January 5, 2010 at 7:35 AM said...

Many thanks for featuring the PLDT myDSL WatchPad launch in Cebu. It is much appreciated. We hope you had a memorable time. We look forward to seeing more of you and the Cebu Bloggers in future events. Thank you and Happy New Year to you and the CBS Team! :-)

-bigSEED media

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