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RANPX: Online Grand Launching Holiday Treat

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Hey,are you one of the online gamers like me? Love to explore and and experience challenges in a virtual world of online games?  Have you played RAN online? If you have'nt, then try this new fun game! I'm an online gamer and I definitely say this is a must try online game.

What is RAN Online?
RAN Online is an MMORPG with a unique premise. Players take on the roll of students in one of three rival universities and must compete with one another while surviving on campuses filled with possessed AI enemies. Unfortunately, the gameplay in Ran is not as original as the theme. The classes and combat style in the game are nearly identical to the standard fantasy MMORPGs currently available. Even though Ran Online has only recently resurfaced in the West, it has the disadvantage of being an older game and thus suffering from poor visuals and grind based progression.

Shaman – These students use wands to channel the spiritual energy known as Qi to heal and buff their allies. Shamans may also specialize to use Spears.
Brawler - Melee fighters who have shunned all weapons in favor of unarmed combat.
Archer - Mastering the bow requires high agility and dexterity. Students may chose to use either the short bow or long bow.
Swordsman - Formidable warriors who must be both strong and agile. Swordsman can specialize in ‘blades’ or ‘broadswords'.

However, If you're already a RAN fanatic or planning to hook up to it, exciting treat this holiday season are waiting for you! RANPX will have its online Grand Launching this December 15, 2009. A lot of surprises are at stake for those first 50 RAN Gamers who will register! and the privilege to get 50% discount in all items you want!, If you belong to the second batch of 50 registrants, you still have the privilege to get 40% discount and for the third batch of 25 Registrants, you will have the privilege to get 20% discount in all items you want!. So grab the chance to enjoy by just downloading the Client Site then get to express and connected with all other RAN gamers by going to the forum site.

So HURRY NOW! Go Register and Get discounts for your items!!!

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